How To Do Diamond Painting


1. Expel all points from the bundle. Your worthwhile stone painting pack will embody the accompanying: sensible jewels, a pre-printed canvas and all devices(a drill pen, a wax, a tweezer, a plate)

2. Unfold out the canvas on a level flooring. The pre-printed canvas is made out of small bins that are named with footage, similar to a cross-line supplies. Every image pertains to a worthwhile stone shading amount, you’ll discover a coordinating graph imprinted in favor of the canvas.

3. Select a solitary shading worthwhile stone to start out, spill out a portion of the jewels onto the plate, shake it spherical to make worthwhile stones line up on the best aspect.

4. Strip once more barely piece of the plastic film masking on the canvas to handle, don’t strip almost all the plastic away, or the glue on the canvas will get filthy and lose its tack, the film is indispensable to verify the half you are not taking a shot at.

5. Plunge your pen instrument into the wax which is a pink sq. that accompanies the unit, it’s going to make it attainable for the pen to get the expensive stones.

6. Delicately press the tip of the pen in the direction of the best faceted piece of worthwhile stone to lift it up, at the moment cautiously stick the jewel onto its relating image sq. on the canvas. Know more details about

7. Rehash the method until all squares are stuffed in. Consistently make sure to plunge the pen into wax throughout the event that it appears as if the pen can’t get the jewels any longer.

8. Edge your staggering worthwhile stone painting craftsmanship, cling it up on the divider!